10 Best convection oven for sublimation in 2023 – Top Choices

The best convection oven for sublimation can be a wise buy for anyone looking to start a flourishing firm. In other cases, maybe you want to create personalized items at home.

Yet, with so many attractive options, it can be a challenge to choose a suitable machine. Thus I have compiled the best convection ovens for sublimation.

I have carefully researched and tested each to ensure they are high quality with the features needed for your projects and are easy to use.

Now, let’s choose the best sublimation oven that meets your needs!

Our Top Picks

After passing the harsh tests, the following ovens are the best choices. I have included many options across different price segments. Choose the best convection oven for sublimation tumblers!

Top 10 Best Convection Oven For Sublimation Reviews

#1. Oster Convection Oven – Best for Overall

Oster Convection Oven

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Item Weight 18.1 Pounds
Capacity 24 Cubic Inches
Wattage 1500 watts
Dimensions 20.15 x 23.8 x 15.1 inches

Reviews from Amazon

“I am always finding the best convection oven for sublimation tumblers. But the products that I went with were too small and heavy. It was until I found this. This machine solved all my issues. It is easy to carry but still big enough for me! Also, it beeps when done! It is convenient! I will recommend it!” – WestCoastShopping.

“It is great that I can sublimate many mugs with this best sublimation oven for tumblers at once! All my mugs are done at the same time with a beautiful appearance. It is perfect for my small business!” – Jody Ludwig.

Product Highlights

I researched a lot by reading reviews, watching YouTube videos, and carefully reading the instructions before buying the best convection oven for sublimation. And it didn’t let me down!

Also, I found two racks and a non-stick baking pan in the package. Hence, it becomes worth the price.

I have seen some comments complaining about the design of the door. But I like this French design. I feel it is safer than the sliding door model I always use.

In terms of features, I love the automatic safety-off feature, but I’m still getting used to the quick sublimation times.

While the oven is not for outdoor use, I have used it outside on my covered patio, and it works flawlessly. Also, I found the controls easy to use and the oven temperature gauge accurate.


  • Classy design
  • Have side vents for insulation
  • Have various functions
  • Accurate digital readout heat controls
  • Convection bake mode for faster heating


  • Auto turn-off can be inconvenient

#2. Elite Gourmet French Door Oven – Best for Performance

Elite Gourmet French Door Oven

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Item Weight 23.3 Pounds
Capacity 45 Liters
Wattage 1500 watts
Dimensions 2 x 14 x 7 inches

Product Highlights

I recently bought the Elite Gourmet French Door sublimation oven for tumblers and am thoroughly impressed with its performance.

First, the solid drip tray at the bottom of the oven is perfect for sublimating upright 20 oz cups. For me, it is a big plus. Also, it maintains heat well. Hence, the handle stays cool and ensures even sublimation.

Yet, one fault of the oven is the temperature control buttons. They are not digital and are marked only in 25-degree increments.

Hence, I found it difficult to dial in a precise setting. Thus, I used two oven thermometers to check the actual temperature to ensure the desired heat.


  • High performance
  • Fits upright 20 oz sublimation tumbler in a convection oven
  • Good heat retention
  • Sublimation evenly


  • Non-digital heat controls

#3. Oster Toaster Oven – Best for Ease of Use

Oster Toaster Oven

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Item Weight 26 Pounds
Capacity 2 large pizzas
Wattage 1500 watts
Dimensions 21.65 x 19.29 x 12.91 inches

Product Highlights

I was unsure when I started using the Oster Toaster Oven for sublimation. But after using it for a while, I am satisfied with my decision.

In that heat, it easily exceeds 350 degrees. Also, the digital display makes it the best sublimation oven for tumblers to set the temperature manually.

I usually sublimate at high degrees F because it gives accurate results compared to degrees C.

Besides, the stand is sturdy, and the screen works well. I have not met any quality problems after using it for several months. Also, I love the convenience of the timer. It allows me to track the process.

In terms of size, it gives me ample space to sublimate multiple dishes at once. But I found it dwarfed my expectations.


  • Big size
  • The temperature of the oven easily exceeds 350
  • Digital display
  • Features convection to ensure even heat distribution
  • Simple control panel


  • The height of the boiler is small

#4. Cuisinart Deluxe Oven Broiler – Best for Temperature Range

Cuisinart Deluxe Oven Broiler

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Item Weight 17.75 Pounds
Capacity 0.6 Cubic Feet
Wattage 1800 watts
Dimensions 18.5 x 2.23 x 11.63 inches

Product Highlights

Regarding the Cuisinart Deluxe sublimation oven for tumblers, the digital controls are easy to use, and the temperature range is suitable for sublimation.

In my testing, the minimum temperature was 150°F, and the maximum was 450°F in 25°F increments. Also, the Turbo convection oven heats up quickly and keeps a constant temperature. Thus, I always get good sublimation projects.

Besides, the oven’s inner is enough for many small cups or mugs. Also, I can easily clean after each sublimation.

But it may not fit a sublimation tumbler in a convection oven over 30 ounces. Also, it may not be suitable for large projects, as it may not hold many items.


  • Have a digital controller
  • Heats up quickly and maintains a stable temperature
  • Suitable for small-batch sublimation projects
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wide heat range


  • Can’t hold cups over 30 ounces

#5. NUWAVE BRAVO Convection Oven – Best for Independent Heat Elements

NUWAVE BRAVO Convection Oven

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Item Weight 23 pounds
Capacity 30 Quarts
Wattage 1800 watts
Dimensions 20.2 x 11 x 16.5 inches

Product Highlights

One feature that I find particularly useful in this NUWAVE BRAVO Convection Oven is the independent control of the top and bottom thermostats.

Specifically, this feature allows me to achieve more precise heating and ensures that my sublimation is even and thorough.

Besides, the internal dimensions of this sublimation oven for tumblers are perfect for fitting a 30-ounce cup on the side.

I can also put a 20-ounce sublimation tumbler in a convection oven on either side. Plus, it can hold an 11- and 15-ounce cup or two if upright.

Also, I am impressed with the power of 1800 watts which is enough to achieve fast and stable heating. This power level is relatively high for such a small size.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Have independent heat elements
  • Versatility
  • Large interior dimensions
  • Efficient


  • Short cord length

#6. Breville Smart Oven – Best for Fast Sublimation

Breville Smart Oven

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Item Weight 1 Pound
Capacity 0.8 Cubic Feet
Wattage 1800 watts
Dimensions 15.7 x 18.5 x 11 inches

Product Highlights

For daily sublimation, I recently discovered the Breville Smart Oven; and it changed the game for me. This toaster oven preheats quickly.

What’s better is it sublimates faster and gives better results thanks to the convection feature. I use it almost exclusively now, as it has proven to be much better than my traditional oven in creating perfect printed images in my projects.

Besides, the oven’s convection feature blows hot air around the cabin, giving my cups a perfect look.


  • Preheat quickly
  • Sublimate faster and more evenly
  • Can sublimate at variable temperatures
  • Easy to clean


  • Small

#7. BLACK+DECKER Toaster Oven – Best for Tight Budget


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Item Weight 11 Pounds
Capacity 12-inch pizza
Wattage 1500 watts
Dimensions 14 x 19 x 12 inches

Product Highlights

I was excited to try this BLACK+DECKER Toaster Oven but realized it wasn’t as simple as I expected. Setting the temperature was difficult because I noticed a temperature difference between the back and front of the oven.

But this disparity is not so notable that it crashes my projects. After three tries, I got used to this oven and sublimated faster.

In terms of performance, it still produces beautiful cups. I find it quite perfect for its low price. But I recommend only doing small projects with it. It is not suitable for a large number of cups.


  • Compact size
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy-to-use controls


  • The temperature control dial may not be accurate

#8. PYD Life Sublimation Oven – Best for Different-sized Cups

PYD Life Oven

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Item Weight 27.2 pounds
Capacity 25 Liters
Wattage 1600 watts
Dimensions 16.22 x 16.93 x 14.06 inches

Product Highlights

I am impressed with PYD Life Sublimation Oven for tumblers. This best sublimation oven is specifically designed to sublimate white drinks. My cups came out perfect without missed spots.

What I like most about this toaster are so many different sizes of sublimation tumbler in a convection oven. So I don’t need to rotate or move like in a press to get full coverage. Also, setup is easy, and the oven heats up quickly.

Besides, the guiding booklet provides all the heat and time information for clearances. Also, this oven comes with a lot of things:

  • Heat proof gloves
  • Shrink film
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Clip

I was surprised with these additions to the package. The only downside is the high price. Yet, it is still the best sublimation oven for multiple cup sizes.


  • Designed specifically for the sublimation of different-sized cups
  • Easy setup and quick warm-up time
  • Come with a lot of accessories
  • Large capacity


  • High price

#9. Cuisinart Oven Airfryer – Best for Sturdy Build Quality

Cuisinart Oven Airfryer

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Item Weight 24 pounds
Capacity 0.6 Cubic Feet
Wattage 1800 watts
Dimensions 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches

Product Highlights

Using the Cuisinart Oven Airfryer for sublimation has been a good experience for me. I was looking for a solid oven with easy-to-read buttons and lights. Fortunately, this Cuisinart model has all that and more.

First, it heats up and sublimates much faster than my traditional oven. So I can use it to do small projects with my squishy grandson.

One thing to note, however, is that this oven may lose heat. During my research, I found this is a common problem with most ovens in this price range.

Yet, if you’re looking for a more insulated oven, you’ll need to spend more on a professional half or quarter-oven.

The only drawback is that it may not be suitable for a large sublimation tumbler in a convection oven. So I have to use a dedicated sublimation oven for tumblers.


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Easy-to-read manual knobs
  • Heats up quickly
  • Comes with liners


  • May lose heat

#10. NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Oven – Best for Medium Size

NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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Item Weight 19 Pounds
Capacity 30 Quarts
Wattage 1800 Watts
Dimensions 20.04 x 16.57 x 11.14 inches

Product Highlights

Like most choices on this list, the digital controls make the NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Toaster Oven easy to use. Also, I find the oven’s inside size quite spacious.

Besides, all the oven features work very well. Also, I can handle the top and bottom thermostats independently. So I can better control the sublimation process.

It can fit a 30-ounce cup on its side regarding putting a sublimation tumbler in a convection oven.

Also, I have tried placing one or two 20-ounce cups on either side and one or two 11- and 15-ounce cups standing upright, and they both fit. This feature makes it very convenient for me to create personalized mugs.


  • Have digital controls
  • Large interior dimensions
  • Many functions
  • Can control the top and bottom heat elements independently


  • Heavy and bulky

Buying Guides: What to Consider When Choosing The Best Convection Oven for Sublimation

best sublimation oven

You need to consider it carefully before buying anything. And I have six things I want you to remember before spending money on a convection oven for sublimation. So let’s see what they are!

Temperature Range

In short, the heat range ensures the oven can provide the high temperatures needed for your project.

Thus, when choosing an oven for sublimation, look for an oven with a range of at least 400 to 500 degrees F. Hence, this temperature range allows your machine to generate the heat needed for sublimation.

Besides, choose an oven capable of keeping a stable temperature during the sublimation process. Also, ones with suitable thermostats can lead to uneven heat and ultimately affect the quality of the sublimation process.


best convection oven for sublimation 2023

When buying a convection oven for your mugs, size is essential because it will decide how many items can be inside it.

You may need a larger oven if you plan to sublimate large items. Meanwhile, smaller cups can be sublimated into smaller machines.

I recommend going based on the size of the sublimation void you intend to use. Also, consider the volume of items you intend to do at once.

Then, it is essential to measure the inside of the oven to ensure that the cups for your projects can fit comfortably inside.

Heat Distribution

First, I must highlight that uneven heat distribution can lead to color gradations. Hence, the results are below average.

Thus, to ensure even heat distribution, look for ovens with multiple heating elements and fans that spread hot air. This feature will help distribute heat evenly throughout and ensure your projects are always heated.

Besides, the size and shape of the furnace also affect this aspect. In particular, ovens with deep and narrow interiors may not distribute heat as evenly as ovens with shallower interiors.

Also, I recommend looking for ovens with temperature control and timer functions to ensure that your items are heated for the correct time.

Ease of Use

best convection oven for sublimation tumblers

The sublimation process needs accuracy in heat and time. Hence, a user-friendly oven with clear and easy-to-read controls can make this process less stressful and error-prone.

Regarding ease of use, I recommend looking for an oven with a simple user manual with digital controls.

Also, it should have intuitive display and setting options. Ideally, it should be programmed for frequently used settings, in my opinion.

Besides, the oven having removable and washable parts and a self-cleaning feature can make cleaning and caring easy.


First, I recommend comparing your selection with other ovens of similar quality and features.

Specifically, research and compare different brands and models to determine the best convection oven for sublimation for your money. Also, look for discounts, promotions, and sales to get the best deal.

Besides, consider the cost of maintenance and repair. Look for ovens that are easy to maintain and repair in case of any problems.

Finally, remember to invest in a quality convection oven for sublimation. But it’s important to fit within your budget. Thus, determine your budget first and prioritize the features that are most important to you.


best sublimation oven for tumblers

When looking for a durable convection oven for sublimation, it is essential to consider the materials used in its construction.

I recommend looking for a machine made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. These materials can withstand the high temperatures and extended periods of use required for sublimation.

Besides, consider the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer.

A good warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that your oven is covered in the event of any defects or malfunctions. Good customer support should be able to provide assistance and troubleshooting if any problems arise during use.

Finally, look for reviews from other users to get an idea of the durable oven’s actual use. This tip can provide valuable insight into how well your machine will last over time and under heavy use.


Choosing the best convection oven for sublimation can differ in the quality and efficiency of your projects. Whether you’re a professional sublimated business owner or a hobbyist, my in-depth reviews provide valuable insights and advice.

You can achieve brilliant and long-lasting sublimation changes on many surfaces with the right choice. And I suggest the Oster Convection Oven for this job. I hope this article helped to choose the perfect oven for your projects. Stay tuned for my latest reviews!

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  1. I am pleased to report that this oven is among my most satisfactory purchases. I highly appreciate its efficiency and versatility. My only recommendation would be to enhance the sensitivity of the buttons. Aside from this minor critique, the oven is absolutely superb.

  2. My recent purchase of this oven has truly exceeded my expectations. It operates quickly and effortlessly fulfills all its intended functions. My only suggestion for improvement would be to increase the sensitivity of the control buttons. Overall, this oven is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it.

  3. Despite the challenges of the COVID work-from-home era, we faced an unfortunate situation when our gas range oven malfunctioned only a week into the pandemic. Unfortunately, months passed without access to a replacement or installation support. Fortunately, we invested in an electric oven, which has continued to serve us well throughout the ensuing years.

  4. The size and user-friendly design of this oven are impressive. However, I couldn’t use it in my craft room due to its tendency to trip the breaker. Despite this issue, I deducted a star from my rating. The tumbler manufacturer’s recommended time and temperature yielded perfect results for my very first tumblers. I didn’t notice any unpleasant odor during use. Although I suspect the breaker issue may be connected to the breaker type, I still hold this little oven in high regard.

  5. This is so easy to use!
    This sublimation oven is a game-changer! Say goodbye to the frustrations of using a regular tumbler press – with this oven, tumblers come out flawless every time. In fact, I’ve already made five tumblers that turned out perfectly! The process is a breeze – set the time and temperature once and the oven remembers it for future use. While it can fit up to three tumblers at once, I personally only do one at a time. The only drawback is that the countdown timer isn’t displayed, but you’ll know it’s done when it beeps. All in all, I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend this oven to anyone in the sublimation game!

  6. Definetly worth the price.
    This design exudes a pleasing visual aesthetic that’s contemporary and stylish. When utilized for tumblers, the process is limited to one at a time, not a major issue. Unlike the extended time it takes for sublimating 20oz tumblers with a Cricut mug press, this oven only requires six minutes per tumbler without image smudging. Compact in size, it’s an ideal addition to any craft room, delivering both efficiency and elegance.


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